WebODM without docker on windows server?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has managed to install WebODM on windows server without docker needed?

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We have had a small handful of folks use the WebODM for Windows native installer on Windows Server versions.

I tried my hand on UNICS(?), 40 years ago and stayed with DOS, and now W10 … at 72, I find LINUX, comparatively, more precise, but cumbersome … 50 years surveying and about 15 devising/writing COGO … My language skills with LINUX, is very minimal … I’m uncertain how to even ascertain if I’m employing DOCKER My intent is to learn how to present useful MOSAICS(some success), with control, proper alignment, removal of floating trees{high elevation),and good scaling I’m now looking at available PLANS and to use the CLOUD for computations, before my brain goes to mush …DOCKER(?)



I hope someone with knowledge about webODM without docker can reach out.
Specially those who running it in windows server.
Ewen those with knowledge about webODM with docker in windows server are welcomed.
Tips on setting up a safe environment with docker in windows server can be a helper.

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