WebODM . . . without a drone!?

I’ve just found this toolkit and it looks great.

I have, however, what may be a stupid question: is it possible to generate ortho’s / pointclouds without true aerial images? What are the limitations?

My current use case is a small valley of a few acres: Walking around at the highest point with my iphone I’m able to photograph a sizeable portion of the valley. What’s the best chance of getting a point cloud from these? If I walked to the next highest point on the other side and collected images, could those be stitched or is the change in orientation too extreme?

You can get pretty good results with phone cameras. Just make sure to minimize blur and have sufficient overlap. Also avoid the “auto-focus” feature if you can set that.

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Cool, are there any ODM settings in particular I should pay attention to? I assume the defaults are optimized for drone-based aerial images . . .