WebODM with "WebODM Lightning"

I use WebODM and I also registered with “WebODM Lightning”. Can I also do a task uploading images etc. for Lightning directly from the normal WebODM dashboard? Or do I have to log in to the Lightning dashboard every time? How should I proceed here?
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You can upload images from the dashboard. Just select the “Lightning” node when processing a task. :+1:

Thanks Pierotofy
Where exactly do I have to enter that? Is that by the “processing node” button with the wrench? And what exactly do I have to choose for a host name?
Could you possibly post a screenshot?
Sorry I’m brand new to WebODM

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From the left menu simply press “Lightning Network” and log-in with your credentials.

A “Lightning” node will get automatically added.

Then choose the “Lightning” node when creating a new task (instead of “Auto”).

Pierotofy, thank you, you helped me 100%!
I found everything, everything is fine, thank you very much!
Great forum, with a very short response time.

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