WebODM with Docker on Z800 dual Xeon machine --> 1 CPU 4 cores 8 threads used only :(

Hello all,
I’m a new WebODM user, and it is a wonderfull tool. Thanks for that. I search a lot on the forum for a solution but i failed… Sorry if the answer is easy.
I’ve a win10 dual X5570 xeon machine, , I use Docker quick terminal, and when i run webODM, I can see in the windows task manager that only 1 xeon processeur is used per the VM…
Is it possible to enable a VM using my 2 xeon, and all 8 cores?
Thanks for your support.

Yes, you need to tweak the CPU settings in VirtualBox Manager.

Thanks a lot Pierotofy for your answer. On VirtualBox Manager,we can manage threads, correct? I’ve 2 X5570, I can see 8 “cpus” green, and 8 others in red. if I set the cursor at maximum, I’ve a message that it is a wrong setup. Sorry if it is stupid questions.