WebODM vs ODM vs Web Lightning

Hi everyone. I’m new to this specific software and I’m confused about each of the products mentioned in the title. I want something that will function like Drone Deploy or Maps Made Easy (process maps/images, clients can view maps with a URL and annotate, see changes, etc.) Is this something that is offered by any of this software?

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Bullet points:

  • ODM
    • The processing engine of the OpenDroneMap ecosystem
  • WebODM
    • A graphical user-interface that wraps the functionality of ODM with the ability to link into other NodeODM/ClusterODM instances to distribute jobs for processing
  • WebODM Lightning
    • This is a hosted instance of the OpenDroneMap infrastructure by UAV4Geo that basically is a zero-configure easy to use service where your responsibility is simply to push the data up for processing, and then collect the data when it is done.

There are some who do share their local ODM+WebODM instances out to clients to allow them to view, but you’ll need to do the network configuration on that yourself.

I do not believe that WebODM Lightning supports sharing completed projects in the way you’re envisioning at present.

You could potentially self-host in something like DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure for sharing your completed projects?

DroneDB is available for showing off both pre-and-post processed data, and might be along the lines of what you’re looking for.

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