WebODM VPS Backup SSL Reset

I am hosting a WebODM docker instance on a virtual private server which has been restored to another ip address. Does anyone know how to reset the ssl certificates? I have been poking around in the webapp docker container trying to understand the letsencrypt ssl certificate procedure. I cannot seem to delete the right files without screwing everything up. Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.


Hey @timotay07 :hand: changing IP address should not require you to reset the SSL certificates (it’s necessary only when you change domain name).

In any case, the letsencrypt files are stored in the webodm_letsencrypt named volume which is mounted to /webodm/nginx/letsencrypt:

# docker volume ls
local               webodm_letsencrypt

I would say just execute:

$ docker exec -ti $(docker ps -q --filter "name=webapp") /bin/bash
(container) # mkdir /webodm/nginx/letsencrypt-backup
(container) # mv /webodm/nginx/letsencrypt/* /webodm/nginx/letsencrypt-backup
(container) # exit
$ ./webodm.sh down

Then start WebODM. That should generate a new certificate/key pair.

@pierotofy Thank you very much, you rock! :grinning: I appreciate all your hard work you have put in, WebODM is amazing!

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