WebODM virtual machine not shown in Hyper-V Manager

I have reinstalled WebODM a few times now after processing seems to hang.
I’ve noticed that for these recent reinstallations the usual webodm virtual machine does not seem to show in the Hyper-V Manager. During installation the step to configure the virtual machine does not present itself. I was not concerned as the installation instructions note that this doesn’t always happen and to proceed to the next step.
Just wondering though, if there’s apparently no webodm virtual machine then what is being used to run WebODM? It seemed to open and work fine until hanging during a processing task.

Everything is normal, a few months ago we changed some of the inner workings to make the installer more compatible with newer versions of Docker, so there’s no “webodm” machine anymore. WebODM runs on the MobyLinuxVM machine. Use the docker panels to modify it’s resources (RAM, disk, etc.). Hope this helps answer your question.

Thank you for the response. It makes sense. As you can see I added 25gb RAM to the Moby machine on a hunch (: