WebODM - Uploads failing - "Resizing" "0" images

I have encountered a recurring problem trying to upload image data sets in WebODM over the last week. It begins upload like usual, but fails to complete upload and indicates that things have transitioned to “resizing” but the image count shown is “0”. When this has occurred I generally cancel and give it another shot, which has traditionally been successful. Today I have been attempting to run a large data set (~3800 images) and have not been able to get over this same hurdle after 5 attempts.

Has anyone encountered this? Any workarounds you might be aware of?
Thank you in advance.

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Make sure you have enough memory and disk space allocated to the docker environment. It’s possible that you might be running out? Check the Diagnostic panel of WebODM.

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Hi Piero - Plenty of RAM (70+ GB remaining) and Disk Space (500+GB remaining). The upload gets anywhere between 75% and 90% uploaded, then hangs for a second and transitions to resizing, however it shows “0” images. Seems to happen 80% of the time for me, 100% for larger than 1600 image sets. Definitely confused with this one.

Mm, perhaps check the log of the worker container with docker logs worker from the command line. Perhaps there’s some hints as the nature of the problem there.