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DJI Mini 2 with DroneLink

I’ve had a play around with WebODM Lightning and I’ve been very impressed.

I was searching out documentation:

WebODM Welcome to OpenDroneMap’s documentation — OpenDroneMap 3.0.2 documentation

GIS Tutorial: WebODM (gisopencourseware.org)

DroneDeploy Making Successful Maps – DroneDeploy

Have I missed anything else that is good too?



Reading about camera sensors and lenses maybe.

Small sensors doesn’t give good results at high iso and and some lenses need a high aperture to perform well.

Don’t know your background so I don’t know what more to say.


Hi APOS80,

Ex.commercial pilot, avid photographer and a good understanding of basic code. But from the reading so far … counts for nought! :flushed:


Then you can do as I did and make mistakes and learn from that.



I have processed a bunch of datasets from the Mini 2 and Dronelink a there are a couple of things I learned that are not in documentation:

First, Mini 2 has a rolling shutter and someone on this forum tested the camera and kindaly shared his result: 26 for Mini 2. So when processing you can enable rolling shutter correction and input that value.

Dronelink is great and I got good results flying at various altitudes. I found the ODM documentation about camera self-calibration a very good read that helped me understand the process a lot better. Between that and posts on forum, I interpreted that is was recommended flying grid patterns with a slightly angled gimble, say 85 or 80 degrees, and it seemed to work well. My overlaps were between 80 or 90 side and front because I wanted really clean maps.

I found Pix4d websites also have some good guides.

Ground control points help improve georeferencing a lot but that usually requires require some more expensive GNSS equipment.

The Mini 2 is a great little drone and I still find a lot of uses for it even though we have upgraded to a Mavic 3E. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about it after getting familiar with the various documentation.


Thank you very much :grinning:


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