WebODM stuck on “Pushes complete - joining…”

Hi All - This problem has crept into many runs over the last week. The run seems complete, however WebODM hang at this message. It seemed fairly intermittent, however seems to more consistently stall here as of late -

“Adding 0 - odm_georeferencing/odm_georeferenced_model.laz
Pushes complete - joining…”

I have seen several topics on this in the past with reference to disk space and/or memory, both of which are fine for the tasks being run…and restarting these long runs with limited success has resulted in significant delays.

Any thoughts on potential solutions for this? Also, is it possible to see any results that may be stored at this point in the processing somehow (when using WebODM)?

Thank You.


Are you processing the datasets locally or via network (e.g. using webodm.net ?)

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They have all been local.

It’s quite possible that you might be running out of memory.

Are these datasets fairly large and how much memory (RAM) does your machine have?

We need to improve the memory usage on that stage of the pipeline.

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Thank you! I have 128GB…I’ve definitely bumped into memory usage in some cases for large runs, but not for these recent runs. Oddly, I’ve done some purging and cleaning up of data and things seem to be a bit more consistent and completing.

Thanks again.


There’s work in the pipeline for improved memory usage, so shortly we should see fewer of these RAM issues.


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