WebODM - spin up workers on demand?

Hi !

Just started testing out WebODM, it’s really amazing !! Super easy to install, even easier to use, and great results out of the box !!!

I’m wondering whether there is a way to automatically spin up workers on demand ? I searched a bit in the doc and here, but didn’t find any mention of this.

The issue is that if you install WebODM in the cloud (Amazon EC2 for example), you need a relatively big instance to compute tasks, which is a waste of money when not running any task. Also, it would be awesome to dynamically add a worker for each new task, so that you can run jobs in parallel without any queue.

I guess it must be doable, since as far as I understood, it’s possible to have remote workers, and most cloud providers have an api to manage instances.

It is possible to limit the issue by using a provider that supports automatic vertical scaling (like jelastic), but that still limits to one task at a time, and the idle worker still wastes a little bit of resources.



Hey Oliver, glad you’re finding WebODM useful :slight_smile: We currently have two related open issues in our TODO list:

Any help toward implementing these is welcome.

I should also mention https://webodm.net which attempts to address the problem of scaling, by exposing a cloud processing node that handles scaling for you (and might be cheaper than EC2?).