WebODM Simulatenous Queue Count

Adding to the WebODM website the capability to edit the simultaneous queue count.

I do not see an easy way to change the default value for simultaneous tasks running.

Thank you.

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See the --default-nodes flag from webodm.sh: https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/blob/master/webodm.sh#L136 which accomplishes the same result.

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Will that allow me to change how many simultaneous tasks I’m running on the same node?

Thank you.

No, but it will create more nodes each with a separate queue of 1, which has the same net-effect.


Piero, I tried the following.

sudo ./webodm.sh start --default-nodes 10

I still only have one node listed, and only one task running. Everything else is waiting “Queued”:


Try restart instead of start?

That worked. Thank you!!

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