WebODM server install


After using ODM and WebODM for a while and setting up the servers manually, I decided to go ahead and buy the server install - to make my life easier - setup of course was immediate and all seems to be working.
@pierotofy I have a few questions, if anyone can answer:

  1. After using the server install how do I now set this to be https only - I have my own certs with letsencrypt so any ideas how to set this up quickly?
  2. There are some problems with speed to EC2 and the only way to start a process is uploading thru the web interface, which by the way makes it so you have to keep that window open during upload. Might I suggest A. allowing this to run somehow in the background, B. have the ability to point to a folder of images on the REMOTE machine (the one that is running WebODM/odm). C. Best option would be to integrate something similar to Uppy (MIT License) which would allow for uploading from S3 or just URLs.
  3. Would be nice if you offered the server install via AWS marketplace and just had a template/AMI install where someone could install directly from AWS and wouldn’t need the set up at all.


Glad it worked :+1:

  1. You can modify /webodm/nginx/nginx.conf using the template in https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/blob/master/nginx/nginx-ssl.conf.template as a reference (replace all $WO_ variables with the proper values) to setup SSL. Also check http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/configuring_https_servers.html

  2. This is a very interesting feature. Could you open a feature request on https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues ?

  3. I hadn’t thought of that, but I’ve started looking into it and seems like a convenient way to provide an instance. I will do further research and hopefully have it available soon for people to use. Thanks for the suggestions!!