Webodm save options

It would be very interesting to be able to save the options we use for a task to reuse them on another task or project.


You absolutely can!

There’s currently two ways to get to this spot, so I guess pick whichever you feel like right now 🤷️ haha

  1. Administration → Application → Presets →
    From here, you can add a new Preset or edit an existing one. Then you just need to make sure you choose it from the drop-down when you create new Tasks.

  2. New task → Edit (next to Preset name), edit preset, click Save.

Please let me know if that gets you where you need to go!


thanks :pray:

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Docs for this are upcoming! Sorry for not having them ready.


A preset example is
[{“name”: “auto-boundary”, “value”: true}, {“name”: “dsm”, “value”: true}, {“name”: “dtm”, “value”: true}]

For the task, I am running right now, I have the following option in the interface :
auto-boundary: true, build-overviews: true, dsm: true, feature-quality: ultra, matcher-type: bow, mesh-octree-depth: 12, orthophoto-cutline: true, pc-quality: ultra, sfm-algorithm: triangulation, texturing-tone-mapping: gamma, use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment: true, verbose: true

So it is not very easy to go from used options to preset.

Might it be possible to be able to export options of a task to a preset ? Or maybe change the preset style to just paste option from a task ? (without adding all the {" … )



To save what you’re using in a Task as a preset for future use, you can Edit the Task and then use Step 2 from above.

Yes, it might be nice to have a way to parse a preset from the clipboard :thinking:

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Hey @zarg404,

Is what I’m showing in my screen grab similar to what you are looking for?

Clipped from an excel file I have been toying with
The preset is made by concatenating a bunch of cells

Willing to share it if you’re interested.



My previous screen grab is too small. Here’s a better one.
screen grab Preset Maker

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