WebODM running out of space

I’ve been experimenting with WebODM for a few months and have a couple questions. I have a small VM with Ubuntu 16.04 and 150GB HDD (WebODM-Server) which I use to manage the jobs. All jobs are sent to a WebODM processing node (WebODM-N1) so no processing is done on the WebODM-Server. It works but I recently ran into a storage issue.

My WebODM-Server VM is full. I read on another thread about the processing nodes storing data for 2 days by default (Processing Node File Storage). However, is it normal for this “server” to store all files forever? Is there a way to remove the “uploaded” images after the jobs are complete? I currently have 6 projects with 1-3 tasks per project.

Not sure if it helps but here’s a screenshot of the storage used.

I can provision more space on the VM but thought I’d ask to see if there’s a way to reduce the storage usage. I store all images from my drone on a separate NAS server.

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One way to work around the issue, which is the way I ultimately ended up building it, is to set it up to use external storage (i.e. a share on your NAS). My storage design is a bit different to yours but it should work the same - I’d recommend NFS.

WebODM will keep the images stored forever along with the results (so that users can reprocess an existing dataset). But if you don’t need the images, you can simply delete them manually (you won’t of course be able to restart the task after that).

I’ve opened this https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/671 to perhaps provide a better way to handle this scenario.

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Do we have the way to see the task storage consumption in real-time?

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