WebODM Quality Report PDF

Hi all,

Is quality report (PDF) only available for certain tasks or is it removed from WebODM? I have just finished processing another job and I don’t seem to find it in ALL ASSETS zip file!

Can anyone help please?

what is your processing node version with engine version?

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I guess I got the point: I might need to update and try again however I don’t know how to make sure I’m always using the latest update? Anywhere I can check regularly or receive an alarm when an update releases?

App version 1.4.2 running on a Linux Debian machine
Processing node port 3000 API version 1.6.1 Engine odm Engine version 1.0.1

Thanks heaps @Jeongyong for asking the right question and directing me to the answer. I think I found the answer by checking GitHub. Just leaving a screenshot here for future similar questions around updating and WebODM versions


OK after updating WebODM and rerunning the task - even with the default build - I still don’t get the quality report. Something is not right!

What are your processing parameters?

Can you attach your full processing log?

Problem solved. I figured that quality report is only available when you do have DTM/DSM marked in processing parameters. Did that and also switched back on a Windows10 machine and its all good now. Thank you everyone always a pleasure working with WebODM

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yeah, odm_report options was add NodeODM v2.1.0, that’s why I asked about that :smile:

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