Webodm post processing products?

Hello everyone. I’ve been using webodm succesfully but id like to know how to get some other products out of it, like i currently been only making exercises and tests, but ive been having some issues post processing in Qgis not been able to reach the final product easily or fast enough to deliver quickly to my potential customers.
I want to work mostly for agricultural customers (i`m one my self)
My question is… Would it be possible to automate the processes within the webodm workflow of image processing so it could output products like Hydrological analysis as in Qgis runoff channels, channel networks and that stuff??

I’ve been following each step of this manual for post processing in qgis


and i just cant get the end result that i want as in the qgis manual…
ive been using dsm and dtm made in webodm and even some dsm from pix4d and i just cant get what i need because qgis gives me an error... any advice ill aprecciate it.
thanks :slight_smile: