WebODM & Pix4D results from same dataset

Hi there,

I’ve been using other photogrammetry software for quite a while now, but am brand new to WebODM. This week I processed the same dataset in both WebODM as well as Pix4D. I didn’t change any settings in either program. Just loaded the images and started.

What I noticed in the Pix4D ortho is straight lines where there should be straight lines, but in the WebODM ortho, it has jagged lines. Look at the parking lines for example in the comparisons below:

WebODM: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_t5NgnIJJZpEELmfdHNaZ-M_PCBQM8qx/view?usp=sharing

Pix4D: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yTCotZsdeasQdRu5vbL8xiLGl3VMVAHL/view?usp=sharing

What can I do on the WebODM side to make sure that everything stays straight?


@thedronetrainer even I am facing similar issue.

you can use my settings for some trial/error. and comment what you have observed after processing.

please tell if you need more information or you can read documentation for more options.


Just had a look over your topic. Did you have any luck yet?

as you can see, the last thing that I encountered at this time of replying was an error. So no.

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