Webodm paramaters not changing/purging

I am having trouble aligning my 47 image set. This is a set that I use whenever i am trying a new photogrammetry software as it has a bit of gap but works with the correct tweeking. After adjusting depth_map_method from bruteforces back to patch_match (sd =0.1) all images aligned. Then saved those options and started tweeking the mesh and texture options. After a day of trial and error I went back to run on the successful paramaters but this time only 18 aligned. I have since made several changes to the aligning paramaters but not one thing changes in the txt file. It seems to me that my node options are not really updating or refreshing even when i close webodm and the docker terminal. Should i create a new node I dont really understand nodes
what is the difference between auto or node-odm-1
cheers and thanks sally

webodm on docker toolbox, windows 10, chrome, 12gb or ram, 47 images no GPS data