WebODM output folders in local file system has opensfm folder missing?



I wanted to store and access the WebODM processed results and output folders in my local filesystem instead of docker volume. So, I gave a parameter --media-dir and passed a local path to it while starting ./webodm.sh start

After processing, I could get the output folders in almost similar structure when ODM is run natively on machine - except ‘opensfm’ folder is missing!!

I needed bundle_r000.out file in that folder. Is there anything I am missing or Any help in making that folder too store in local file path?

Thank you.


NodeODM currently does not include the opensfm directory in the output results (to save space and time).

I assume this is for displaying camera locations?


Yes. I wanted rotation angles and corresponding gps positions of cameras…



So, if I need only one file i.e opensfm/bundle_r000.out — adding it under allPaths will get that file added to final stored output?

Thank you.


Yes, correct. I’m very interested in your work on displaying camera positions, as it would solve https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/439. I’m not sure it’s an option, but I would love to merge such a feature, if you are developing it in the open.


Actually I was not directly involved in developing that feature.I also doubt my skill levels.

Currently, I am only trying to extend it to ODM…Will definitely talk with my team and see if I can contribute anything. Would always love to contribute to ODM community.