WebODM ortho looks snowy

My webODM ortho images look snowy when I’m zoomed out looking at the entire ortho in the webODM browser window. When I zoom into the ortho it looks better. Does anyone else have this issue? I included a screen shot from my browser below and the direct link is (Map - WebODM). Thanks for any feedback - Seth

I see the same with large area orthos zoomed right out to show the whole area. I think it is just an artefact of how it is rendered in this software, as it doesn’t appear like that in GIMP for example, and it doesn’t indicate any problem with the image.

Thanks @Gordon. It is just like when I look at a JPG from my phone at 100% vs zoomed in and the pixels are smaller (more dense?). Maybe there is a way to adjust the zoom level?

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