WebODM/OpenDroneMap on Windows "falls asleep"

I’ve been using OpenDroneMap on Windows for a while using the “Easy installer” that creates a Linux Virtual machine, prepares a WebODM interface and installs a “WebODM Manager” app to launch and manage the program. While it’s been working well for me, I’ve been having a problem with large jobs.

Recently I’ve been creating really taxing jobs to test the software, such as running DSM/DTM creation in the same job as 3D Model creation with a full 3D mesh and the “Brute Force” depth mapping method. I often have to leave this to run overnight. But that’s when the trouble starts.

When I return to my computer I find that the job appears to still be running at first, with the clock still ticking. But then I soon realise that it isn’t actually doing anything, with the output log frozen on the same spot. When I try to cancel the job, the job reads “cancelling” but does not actually cancel. I once used VirtualBox to look at the Virtual Machine itself and it appeared to be doing nothing, showing only what appeared to be some part of Linux’s startup menu. I have been lead to believe that the VM somehow thinks nothing is happening and is going to “sleep”.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? What is actually going on? Is there any way of fixing it?

I think you are seeing a problem caused by too little RAM memory available. In short, if you run out of memory, the OS will stop processes at random, and if one of those processes is one of the worker processes which WebODM uses to update task statuses, cancel tasks, etc., then you’ll witness what you described. The solution is to force a complete restart (by pressing “Update” if you’re using WebODM Manager) and to add more RAM available to the VirtualBox VM.

Admittedly WebODM should be better at communicating this problem. I’ve just opened this https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/872 to track it.


I had the same problem but I believe it was caused by running out of HD space. Windows gave an error message.