WebODM on Windows Server 2019

I can’t seem to allocate enough memory on a 20 core / 40 thread Windows 2019 server with 64Gb of RAM to process a photo set of 287 images at 2cm. I works fine at 5cm ortho but at 2cm it runs out of memory. I have messed with the Docker memory and processor allocations and drive allotments but can’t seem to get it to process! Is there a balance that needs to be struck between the assigned cores and the memory required to run them? In other words am I overrunning my memory allocation by throwing too many cores at the process? Please help.WebODM on WIndows Server

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Yeah, that may bite you in certain steps of the process… Am I reading the Docker setup correctly in that roughly 16GB is your max RAM allotment?

That looks like 120GB (pretty beefy machine!)

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:woozy_face: Apparently, I need my coffee.

Apologies, mdk.

Could you try with 8 threads perhaps? And if you’re able, sharing the data at dronedb.app (or another Cloud Service provider) would be great so we can try processing as well. For instance, I’d like to try locally with 8threads/32GB RAM with WebODM for Windows native.

I think we are into something here with balancing the threads/memory. I am going to give an 800 image set a try and see how it works. I will let you know. m

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800 images processed in about 2.5 hours. My question now is how many cores/threads is WebODM capable of using? If I max out the threads the software can use the only remaining variable is how much memory to allocate without blowing up the host.
Can you tell me the max core/threads that WebODM will use?

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I don’t know of any hard limit overall, though there are some parts of our processing pipeline that are single-threaded so having more cores won’t help those specific parts of the processing pipeline.

After some experimentation it appears WebODM will use no more than 6 cores/logical processors in its operation.

Hmm… that’s highly unusual.

You didn’t pass any --max-concurrency argument did you?

Nope, but it defaulted to 8. Should it be higher?
Should it be set equal the Docker available processor setting?
I have set max-concurrency to 20 and set Docker to have 20 cores available and WebODM still only grabs and uses 6 cores.

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Yeah, normally it should detect the number of CPU threads in the environment/hardware and use everything available.

What happens if you force 20? Nothing? Still 6?

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