WebODM on ECS Fargate


Thank you for a fantastic tool, I have been using WebODM on my Linux laptop, running as a Docker container and it has worked flawlessly.
I am now running WebODM (latest version cloned from GitHub 2 days ago) on ECS Fargate and have found it incredibly easy to get going except for one issue. I am starting WebODM and a single processing node by using the Docker compose CLI and its ECS integration and running the following command:-

docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.nodeodm.yml up

Works perfectly and spins everything up. I log into WebODM, and kick off a processing job on the one node. The job is dispatched to the node and begins. I can log into the processing node and see the job running. Job runs, completes, generates all assets beautifully.

The issue is that the status of this running job is not communicated back to the WebODM dashboard. So the effect is that on the dashboard, the status of the job is stuck at ‘Processing’ and the progress bar never moves. So although the job is dispatched to the node, runs perfectly and completes, the WebODM dashboard is never updated to indicate this, meaning I cannot browse to the generated assets in the WebODM dashboard and it use the full power of WebODM. WebODM sees the processing node as active, and can dispatch the job just fine.

The logs from the webapp, processing node, broker, worker etc do not indicate anything anomalous.

The only thing I can think of is when I first logged in, the processing node address was set to the default local hostname. I had to update that to the address of the loadbalancer that Fargate puts in front of the processing node (which worked as WebODM could connect to the processing node after I had done this). But is that address maybe set somewhere else that has not been updated? And that could be why the dashboard cannot update the status of the job?

Does anyone have any ideas or tips please? I would love to get this working on ECS Fargate and share the experience back to the community.

Screenshots of dashboard and processing node:

Many thanks in advance.

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