WebODM not using all images

Hi All - I have an intermittent issue where it seems images are not being used and the resultant output area (both point cloud and ortho/dsm) is significantly less than the input coverage. I have tried many adjustments: increasing features, increasing matcher neighbors, and depthmap resolution. They all seem to have some impact, however I am unable to get any consistency even with different sections from the same data collection effort.

Any thoughts on anything else I may be able to try? Thanks in advance.

Are you able to share your data and flightplan? I’d suspect insufficient overlap/sidelap for the images that drop, and/or potentially exposure/focus issues.

Hi - Thank you for the response. Interestingly, I made a camera type change (from Brown to Fisheye) and it appears to have solved the issue. I do continue to struggle with “blur” in the orthophoto. Point cloud and textured model look great so I am not sure how it is being introduced at the ortho stage…still working it…

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Hmm, changing elevation and thus GSD?

Poor overfly so pixels from distorted edge of lens/photo having to be used?

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