WebODM Not Showing Sides of Buildings

To whom it may concern,

When I am using webODM to produce 3D models of buildings I cannot get it to produce the sides of the buildings. I have even trying taking photos of the sides of the building with my drone while holding it and yet this does not seem to help. Any thoughts?

Ian Bookstore Side 3

Are you able to share your dataset and processing parameters?

What is the best way for me to share the processing parameters. Here are the photos I am using.

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If you enable the Task Output panel in WebODM and copy/paste that log, that helps.

Just from looking at the imagery, you have a LOT of shadow/underexposed areas under the roof overhangs, even at ground level. I think that’s not helping finding tiepoints on the walls.
I had a feeling that when I tried to share a link to my WebODM page previously it did not work.

That’s an internal IP, we won’t be able to connect. A screencap is fine, if nothing else.

Does this work? Also when I turn the

cameras on it looks like the camera shots of the side of the building do not have the correct altitude as they are very high up when they were actually taken at the ground level.

Also here is PDF of the textfile output. TextFile Output.pdf (185.6 KB)

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So would your recommendation be to retake the photos in better light? Maybe take photos of the same spot multiple times from different angles?

Better light would likely help, but I’m not sure how tenable that is for the building’s sides. Maybe at around solar noon you’ll have minimal shadowing on each side?

You also might need to do manual exposure adjustment on the ground-level photos to keep the walls properly exposed.

Okay great! Once again thank you so much for replying to my questions in such a prompt manner.


I try my best!

Let us know how it goes. You’re in uncharted territory for me as I’ve yet to mix aerial and terrestrial survey. Gives me something to practice in the coming months…

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