WebODM not running after Windows 11 Pro and WebODM updates (04/05/2022)

WebODM not running after Windows 11 Pro and WebODM updates (04/05/2022)

Hi there WebODM geniuses

I did a Windows update a few weeks ago to windows 11 pro and did a WebODM update and now my maps do not run. I have a very beefy computer:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX with Radeon Graphics 3.30 GHz
RAM: 32.0 GB (31.4 GB usable)
Maps used to render very quickly. After updating, the processing node went offline so I uninstalled WebODM and reinstalled it a few times. This worked (sort of). Maps of 467 images that would run in half an hour now take 10 hours. I have the number of processors used by the computer set to max yet the CPU is only using 15% when running WebODM instead of 100% as it used to. How do I go about fixing this problem and how do I incorporate my GPU to work with the CPU when rendering maps to speed up the process (is it possible to use the GPU as well?). I have looked through the forum and found that others have had a similar issue and have tried the recommendations but nothing works. At the same time, the first time I load the images into WebODM, the process fails (see console for High resolution RGB and Multispectral consoles attached). I then reload the images and it will start processing but it take an extremely long time which it never did before. I ran the images through DJI TERRA (a far inferior software than WebODM in my opinion) and the maps run 7900 multispec images in 15 minutes and 227 images in 8 minutes.

I used the paid WebODM installer and my browser is Brave
The image overlap is 80% side 75% front.
Thank you for a fantastic program.

Kind regards

Console Drive link bellow:
WebODM not working after updates

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Sorry for the trouble, Sean!

Are you certain the parameters have not changed between runs?

Taking that long sounds like possibly using pagefile/swap.

AMD GPUs will not be supported by our GPU processing pipeline as it uses NVIDIA CUDA.

Do you run any Anti-Virus software other than Windows Defender?

Hi Saijin

Thank you very much for your rapid response. The parameters have not changes, I am using the High resolution preset without changing any parameters and Multispec preset without any parameter changes.

What is pagefile/swap? (apologies, I am not massively computer literate)

Is there a possibility that these GPUs will be supported in future?

I only have Windows Defender

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Hi Saijin

I am still battling to get WebODM to run properly (I have updated to the latest build), but it is still not running properly. I ran a data set last year and it completed in 4 hours, I reran the same data set yesterday and it took 9 hours 49 mins to complete. My system has enough storage, plenty of RAM and a fast CPU with all processors set to max (QGIS runs computations very quickly as a result)What could the problem be perhaps? Things havent been running smoothly for WebODM since I updated to Windows 11, I have run through the system and everything is the same as it was before, but ODM runs very slowly.

I have linked the quality reports from the two different data sets (the consoles are the ones I attached previously)

Quality report 1 run time 2021 Windows 10
Quality report 2 runtime 2022 Windows 11

Kind regards
Sean Hill

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Do you have the full console logs for both runs still?

As for the difference in time, it looks like 2.8.4 reconstructed more than 2x the features and 2x the density of sparse points, so it seems like it is just doing a more thorough job.

If we can directly compare processing parameters, that will also help ensure nothing shifted that way, but I don’t think it is necessarily “wrong” that it too longer this run given how much more it reconstructed and extracted/matched for features.

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