WebODM not displaying 3d files

Hi Everyone.

I started using WebODM a week or so ago. I have been able to create, save and export 3d models. However, I have been unable to view the 3d models in the WebODM interface. The map displays and works beautifully, however every click on a 3d button (from the map view and from task manager) result in the main panel on the right loading blank.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Very much appreciated!


I don’t know if this can help, but have you tried with another browser?


Hi Vande93

Thanks fr the suggestion.

Jeez, Im such an idiot… I had tried before and it didn’t make a difference, but it does now… It works in Chrome, not Safari or Firefox…

Thanks again


You’re welcome!

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Also possibly related: https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/873#issuecomment-637160575