WEBODM.net mail notification ready long before the running WEBODM task

When running the lightning node, I will get (not always) the mail notification that the task is ready hours (depending off-course of the size of the task) before the actual task running on webodm is ready ( I am running Firefox).



The first task [1015 images] still running but have been ready to download via webodm.net for a long time.

Also if you noticed there are two tasks, running via the lightning node - with the same pre-sets, but the second one [568 images] is still writing mve view when, as I said the first track [1015] is finished…they started at the same time within minutes…strange.

What could it be? Is it running out of RAM at the end of the task when pushes complete even though I am using the lightning node?

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Several hours later - same projects. Look at the running time on the first of the two projects. Going back in time :slight_smile:


Mm, a possible explanation is that tasks were sent to different nodes, and one of the nodes might have been overloaded.

21h for 568 images seems a bit long.

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As for the task going backward in time, it means it’s not receiving updates. Anything on the log of the worker process?

docker logs worker