WebODM + native ODM questions

Perhaps this is a stupid question but:

  • I started installing ODM (the development release from Git) natively.
  • I want to add WebODM also natively to access the ODM functionality.

How do the WebODM and the ODM projects relate? I mean, should I directly install WebODM and it will contain all needed ODM stuff? Or can I install ODM natively from git and then add the frontend that WebODM provides to gain browser capabilities?

As you can see I am a bit lost with the basics of both projects and need clarification in order to proceed “safely”

Thanks in advance,


WebODM is an interface to ODM.

If you install WebODM natively, you still need to install ODM separately (and node-ODM).

Does that mean that when I update opendronemap/node-ODM, underlying version for the WebODM is also updated?
I believe it should be the case but the WebODM doesn’t show which version of opendronemap it is using. Is there any way to check the version of the installed opendronemap and the version that WebODM is using?

Thanks in advance,