Webodm map fail 190 images, please help

ok all I can share is the file output can you guys please help me resolve this, its probably the 3rd time its happen to me and I want to prevent this in future processing, ill try and upload the photos to a google drive as well. check chat if I did


ok and here are all the photos for the map


Full specs of the machine you’re processing on, please :slight_smile:

awww i thought i had it all down uhggg lol.

ryzen 9 3900x 12 core 24 thread
ddr4 gskilled 2 32gb ram dual channel 3600mhz
readeon hd 5670 gpu, low grade
boot off of iso image webodm 1.7.1 update

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Any thoughts, im still stuck on this

ODM 2.4.8 WSL2
./run.sh --rerun-all --crop 0 --use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment

From your log, the CRC32 error is quite interesting. Do you know if the drive you’re writing to is healthy and has ample free space?

This had no problem processing on an i7-6700k with 32GB RAM (24GB allocated to WSL2), so I don’t think your CPU/RAM are at fault here.


ok now it makes sense yes I was trying out a live stick and i think the document only said it can use and store 4gb of data even on a 16gb stick. so yes i was able to process this on a core i7 4820k with 16gb ram and it worked fine using webodm through windows and not on the live stick, i guess thats not good for big projects lol, resized and took 48 min. Now since i have that all figued out, now im trying to install webodm on my ryzen 9 beast and now its saying this once I upload the images

There are no usable processing nodes. Make sure that at least one processing node is reachable and that you have granted the current user sufficient permissions to view the processing node (by going to Administration – Processing Nodes – Select Node – Object Permissions – Add User/Group and check CAN VIEW PROCESSING NODE). If you are bringing a node back online, it will take about 30 seconds for WebODM to recognize it.

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ok im updating webodm right now to see if it works, now i know this is out of topic, but when trying to reinstall webodm docker pops up and asks me if i want to change to WSL2 as you mentioned earlier because my pc is capable. should i switch, does webodm benefit from it?, faster processing times? cooler temps? any of those. thanks for your help btw really apricate it Saijin

Mmmm… WSL2 backend should start up faster, especially on upcoming Windows releases. I don’t know if you’ll see any other benefits.

Oh ok thanks

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