WebODM Manager Version

I have version 1.5.6
I’ve seen there’s a newr version, can I upload it?

Is it bad to use a older version of WebODM Manager?


Piero isn’t making updates just to change the version number :rofl:

Yes, it is generally important to keep up with updates to ensure you have the latest fixes and improvements.

How do I update the webodm manager application?

Use the same download link from your purchase to install a newer version.

Note that you don’t necessarily need to update the manager if it’s working OK.

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Hello Piero And thank you for your reply.

The link from my purchase doesn’t work anymore…

Was 5 july 2017


It seems all is working good though

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If you need a new link get in touch Contact - UAV4GEO

But like I said, if it’s working, I wouldn’t bother. The version of WebODM (not manager) is the latest even with the older manager.

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