WebODM Manager installer error


I get “Sorry, the files could not be downloaded” error on installing the WebODM manager version 1.9.
Error comes when installer is trying to download the GitInstaller.exe file!

I will add some pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Nemw87UBEEQCcFpW8

What may be the problem here?
Thank you!

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If you have a firewall, perhaps the download is being blocked because it happens over http (not https).

Can you download and install it manually? http://webodm.org/installs/GitInstaller.exe

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Thank you

My bad, did not read the manual :smiley:
I can download it when i paste this address to new tab. But if i click then it does not open.
I disabled the firewall and the installer gave the same error.

I installed it and installed docker also but they don’t seem to work together. Or i just dont know how to install them manually and get this work.

Is there a way to get installer working? Or a step-by-step manual how to install it with GitInatller.exe ?

Did this error started to happen recently? (Were you able to get it to work in the past?) When did you buy the installer?

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I bought program in may 2020, then it worked very well.
Now i upgraded the PC and installed win 11 and tried to install WebODM again and got this message :thinking:

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Send a message to [email protected] with your purchase receipt!


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