WebODM manager downloading trickles after 100+mb Will not install

Bought the easy setup and started downloading yesterday. Left overnight and not finished. Checked task manager and 16kb of incoming. Restarted and restarted WebODM Manager and it downloaded good at 5-7mb per sec for 20 minutes then trickles down to nothing. I have a very solid ISP.
Any help would be appreciated.

e[1BNo containers to start
Pulling worker (opendronemap/webodm_webapp:)…
latest: Pulling from opendronemap/webodm_webapp

Mm, that seems slow. Definitely not normal. Are you connected to a VPN connection?

Not connected to a VPN.

windows 10

It could be a temporary problem with docker’s network. Trying again in a few hours might be all that it is.

If that’s not the case, these issues can be difficult to troubleshoot. The one thing that comes to mind is MTU size, but it may or may not be something that you can change. Check your router settings and try to decrease it to 1300.

Discounting a problem with MTU, a possible network outage or a third party software (firewall? VPN?) interfering with the download, I’m not sure what else to try.

clicked update as last resort. pulling files quickly. dont know if that will help get the needed files or not to progress

Update fixed it. Once updated was able to click start.

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