WebODM Manager 1.8 Issue

I have noticed that the WebODM manager has developed an issue and I can repeat the same issue on two different computers. After Docker starts I then start WebODM. It connects as usual and I can see the WebODM has started in the lower left and the http: address lower right. Both are highlighted in green. I process my project as normal but several minutes, sometimes 20 or 30 minutes, into the process the WebODM turns yellow and says that it’s waiting on WebODM. First, is this normal? If not how can I fix it? I have yet to complete any map when it does this. I tried a project yesterday that had 417 pics. I clicked on the Task output and could see that the program was running. It did this for about 4 hours. It then said that the process was not hung and it would take a while as reconstructed the pictures. I let it run for a total of 24 hours but the green progress bar never moved again. Does anyone have any ideas?