WebODM Lightning Warning Message "Exception"

Since Monday, May 25, 2020, I had problems making orthophotos on WebODM Lightning.
I receive an error message of the type (Exception). Who noticed this problem
Someone can help me?

Hey @adouarsene :hand:

We’ve found a possible problem with the network a few minutes ago, reported by another user also. Could you try again and see if the problem persists?


This ‘Exception’ problem is occurring every time and has come about only in the last few days.

I am having the same problem

Please try again; we’ve experienced an outage with our processing nodes which is now resolved between 9/15/20 4am EST and 9/15/20 9:20am EST (due to an outage from one of our cloud providers) :pray:


Upload to processing node is in progress, so seems to work again. Thanks for quickly solving this issue…