WebODM Lightning - More Informative Dashboard


I’d love to see an expandable header or click-button on the dashboard UI that would expose a panel that would detail the underlying hardware/software environment of the particular processing node. Perhaps it could reside in the information button strip where Web Interface, WebODM, SDK, Command Line, Rest API reside. Or perhaps better, it could reside in the panel below where the Processing Node details currently are.

This could help answer the following questions:
What docker container version is hosting?
What version of WebODM is being hosted?
What version of NodeODM?

As for the hardware, potentially it could expose CPU, num threads, RAM, storage, etc.


This is an interesting feature request; what are the use cases for having the CPU/RAM/num threads etc. information? I would assume most users are happy to know that processing “just works ™” without needing to know such low-level details, but perhaps some would like that information.

@pierotofy For hosted solutions like WebODM Lightning, hardware info might be of slightly less need, but of interest.

For self-host or smaller deploys, it could help you tell which node(s) are what hardware, and be a nice datapoint for why a chunk failed, or why a job failed. We made use of this info when we had a network cluster of Agisoft as not all machines in the cluster were created equal.

As for the component/platform info, I think it is essential, especially given the fast rate of change of ODM and components, and the improvements made to processing results.

How else would you be able to tell what the cluster running your job actually is?

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