WebODM Lightning - max count of pic

Hi Guys,

i would like render a big amount of file - i have about 7500pics.
My computer have only 32GB of ram so it’s to poor to handel it.
I bought credits on WebODM.net Lighting but now i see they can take only 3k pics.

has someone idea how to deal with that big dataset?

ps. i know i can split it for smaller group but i need a big set of orthophoto and dsm tiles

@pierotofy runs that service. Message him there to find out if he can lift the ceiling for you.

I have the same problem, running 1093 images but WebODM Lightning just hit its max count

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Check your account on Drone & UAV Mapping Software | WebODM and make sure you have sufficient credits (or a monthly plan).


Along those lines, make sure that your service plan matches your intended job size:

You can not exceed 1,000 images per task on the Pay-As-You-Go tier, as per the Pricing page:

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Thanks Saijin and Piero! That was exactly the case. Problem solved


Hello, i have the same issue, i pay for the program and for the credits but im not subscribed to any monthly plan, im trying to process 1811 photos with GCP and i have 1150 credits, so i want to know if i have to choose the pro ? or the business plan?? Thanks

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For > 1500 pictures you need the Business plan if you’re using Lightning.

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OK but in that case, what are the credits for?
im just trying to understand, because i pay 57 for the program, then like 30 dollars for the credits, and now i have to pay 120 aprox for the business plan, is there a way to use the credits as a part of the payment for the business plan, or it works with the credits, for example i have to subscribe to business plan and then buy the credits for the process??

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For “pay as you go” processing (which is up to 1,000 images per task). You can use those to process datasets < 1000 images.

Get in touch with Contact | WebODM if you need a refund on your credits.

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