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I have several already run projects in Lightning that I’m re-visiting to see if I can get them looking better. I noticed a lot of waviness in the mesh for a school construction project I flew. I read from the forum that a lot of extra area outside of the main area of interest will affect how the mesh looks and buy subsetting the area to only the area of interest the mesh will look better. I tried this on several projects and it worked.

On this one after using the boundary parameter and inputting the geojson boundary file it actually made it so the mesh is blank in most areas.

Here’s the original point cloud as viewed in lightning

and here’s the mesh.

Is this an issue with the lightning viewer only? Has anyone else seen this problem?

Thanks for any input. I’ve seen this issue in the past where the mesh doesn’t display.

UPDATE - I have verified that this is not only a display issue in Lightning. I downloaded the mesh and opened it in CloudCompare and found it to look the same.

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We updated texrecon to allow for larger texture pages to prevent crashes. It seems that some software does not like this.

Blender will render that fine, for instance.

See this thread for more:

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Blender is one of the most intimidating software packages I’ve seen. I was able to open it but it appears very dark but you’re right it does render in it’s entirety. So basically this is a known bug that happened because of an update to the WebODM project? I did notice it happening a lot more lately when I process. Is there a timeframe when this will be fixed in the lightning software. Due to hardware constraints and project size I process all my projects in lightning.

I really should do some basic blender tutorials. Seems like an incredible piece of software but in the meantime I’d rather display my projects in the lightning interface. Simpler and more intutitive.


Blender is intimidating. No doubt!

I’m not sure on a time frame, and I’ve not yet established a work-around.

I do believe we’ll have this fixed, however.

Can you share the all.zip (Download Assets → All Assets) file somewhere?

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Here’s another that exhibits this same issue:

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I also have encountered this issue with a recent data set. I noticed it right after the update that introduced the boundary options. So pierotofy if you need another all.zip I can get you a copy.

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Fix coming up: Dynamic max texture sizes by pierotofy · Pull Request #1376 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub (no need for the file anymore, thank you!!)


This should be fixed now; if you reprocess the dataset, the model should show up.


Fixed the issue I was seeing. Thanks


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