WebODM Lightning ignored some images

Hi, newbie here, Im trying out WebODM Lightining

The map, orthomosaic, came out cropped, as if WebODM ignored some images at the perimeter of the area, the map came out covering only 15,500m2 from the total 22,000m2

  • Auto Crop option was off

I’ve uploaded images from 4 different flights:

  1. Simple grid covering the entire area (22,000m2), with 75% overlap, at 76m, 53 photos Nadir.
  2. Double grid (cross hatch) covering the central part (10,000m2), at 61m, 114 photos Oblique (-65degrees)
  3. Perimeter Looking at center, covering the same 10,000m2, 42 photos, oblique (-45 degrees)
  4. Free flight oblique and horizontal images at 10-25m, all within the central part, 100 photos
  • Why would WebODM ignore some images?
  • Should I have NOT uploaded the photos from #2, 3 or 4 ?
  • Is it possible to remove/delete images from the node, and repeat the process without having to re-upload the same images?
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Some images won’t calibrate if the overlap/sidelap is not sufficient for the given scenery.

Sometimes you can get around this by increasing --feature-quality, --matcher-neighbors, and --min-num-features.

Totally fine to combine datasets provided the seasonality and lightning are pretty similar so matches can be found.

No, Lightning does not keep raw data any longer than absolutely necessary, so you’ll need to redo the Task from upload if you wish to try again.

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