WebODM Lightning - Allow attach of multiple WebODM Lightning Accounts/Nodes

Currently, we can only attach one WebODM Lightning Account/credential to a local WebODM instance for processing. This is great and probably covers 99% of usage patterns, but I’ve found it a bit limiting as I maintain different accounts for both Work and Personal usage. It’d be great if I could attach both, and then choose the node/credit store to process under on the fly, without having to attach/detach to swap.

You can. Just add the node manually using the different tokens.

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Interesting… That seems to break the UI/UX of using the current method, no?

@pierotofy is it possible to have multiple tokens on the same user account?

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Hey @israelbar :hand: currently not. It’s something we’ve been thinking of adding, but haven’t had much interest from our users (so far at least).

A workaround is to open a second account for the time being (although I realize it’s not a perfect workaround, given that you can’t use the monthly plan or existing credits).

What’s your use case?

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A friend of mine have a Mining Company and he want to store all photogrammetry data in one place.

I have recomended install WebODM in a server located on the main offices. He have 2 surveyors working on the mining projects, so thinking on the terms of service I suppose they will need to setup 2 ligthning processing nodes and set node permissions for specific user.

I was thinking ha can be charged for the 2 tokens in the same bill, but its not really a big problem to have 2 acounts.