WebODM Large Storage

Hi folks,

So I’ve been running some trials on very large datasets on some very large nodes (nearly 1TB RAM). My biggest headache at the minute is the storage of the data during processing. I know that --media-dir exists, but I don’t think that it’s enough as the Docker volumes swell to extreme sizes. I’m trying to build it to scale out like this (edit: please excuse the formatting, it’s not easy in the editor):

Control Node (Ceph block + CephFS)
Proc 1 - Proc 2 - Proc 3
CephFS Shared Storage (i.e. infinite storage)

The drama starts when trying to get Docker to play nicely with CephFS, which it doesn’t. I could use block storage, but that doesn’t solve the problem of infinite size (i.e. one large share) and it’s hard to know how large I should make each processing node in that regard - 500GB is eaten like it’s nothing, 2TB is a snack…

How is everybody else doing this? Are there any other parameters that I can pass to ODM/Docker to force it to store on CephFS? Currently overlay2 is freaking out when trying to place /var/lib/docker on CephFS.

Install WebODM natively?

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Nice! Didn’t realise that was a thing. I bought the installer yesterday, which works well thanks.

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