WebODM is only processing half the images

I have just started using WebODM having used the processing by DroneDeploy previously. I still fly using the DroneDeploy app as it is convenient. Overlap is 70% and default settings all around, 50 m altitude (Mavic 2 Pro, 32GB RAM, Ryzen 5950X).

The problem is that even though I select the full set of 139 images, only the top part of the area is actually processed. I have tried a few of the processing options in WebODM but the result is the same. I also tried excluding the farmland (that IS processed) and only include the forest (that isn’t), then I only get a tiny area in the middle of the forest, perhaps 3 images combined.

Any idea what is going on here? Surely it must be easier for the software to figure out a forest with trees than a flat grassed area?

This is what is flown, and what WebODM does with the 139 images: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Counter-intuitively, dense tree stands can be way harder to stitch :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your full processing options that you used most recently? What is the sidelap? Overlap is a bit low at 70% if sidelap isn’t reasonably high as well (65%+ ideally)

You might benefit from:
–feature-quality ultra
–min-num-features 32000
–matcher-neighbors 16

And see if that helps.


I think DroneDeploy has 70/75 for front/side as default (or the other way around), it is above 70 for both anyway.

I tried Default, Forest, High Res, Fast Ortophoto, DSM+DTM. I did not change anything.

Even if the overlap is the problem, why isn’t the software saying so. It casually acts as if it did what it was asked to do, but without actually doing it.

EDIT: Those settings did not help.

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It does tell you what metrics it collects in the Processing Report. I think it is a lot for the software to presume to know what your output standards are. What if you can safely get away with not calibrating every image, you know?

Can you attach your processing reports? It might help us get a better sense for what is going on.

Sorry for late reply, been busy with other things :slight_smile:

I ended up flying the area again with 87% overlap for both sides and front. This time around it managed to stitch it together. However, I can only use a resolution of 2700px maximum, anything above that and the progress bar doesn’t move and after a few minutes I get an error that it could not complete the task.

I assume 32GB of RAM is not enough for 195 images from the Mavic 2 Pro.

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32gb should be plenty. I run 200+ through 16gb and it processes.

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Any idea why I would get a “could not complete task” error then?

I’ve tried default, Forest, Fast Orto.

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What settings are you running it at?

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Default, Forest, and Fast Ortophoto I believe I tried. I changed resize option from 2048 to 2700 in 100 increments, and 2700 was the maximum before it would not complete.

I’m not changing any other parameters, just the above mentioned presets.

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Are you able to attach the processing log? That will help debug what is going on.

What installation type of WebODM are you using, and what OS?

1.9.12 build 55
latest update on Windows 10

I will check logs tomorrow, need to re-run it again then.

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Can you please update to the current build?

v1.9.14 Build 60