WebODM is cool!

This is some really great software!

Ok. I, am a Linux guy. I don’t do Windows (insert obligatory derogatory comment against Winblows here).

I tried this software to expand the capabilities of using my drone and it has exceeded my expectations.

My first time use of WebODM worked fine. It processed all my projects until I tried to use the software beyond the limitations of my hardware. Ran out of memory on a large project. So I bought a new laptop. It has an i7-8750H CPU, 32 Gb RAM, Nvidia 1070 GPU and a 4k display. I highly recommend eBay for refurbished laptops. Mine cost $2,045 USD and there is still 9 months left on the manufacturers warranty.

I just processed 512 images (4.4Gb) in 2:33:44. This is the reason I bought the new computer.

When I loaded up WebOdm on my new laptop and had a problem, the forum came to my rescue.

The support here on this forum is FANTASTIC!!

Thank you @piertofy for your support. I understand your time is valuable and I appreciate your help.

Mark Fink


Thanks @MasterMWF! We do have an awesome community on this forum. :slight_smile: It’s good to hear positive feedback along with the endless lists of bug reports (and we love those too).