WebODM Installer for Mac not working with VENTURA

Hi all!

I’m new in this forum and honestly not really experienced in using a tool like this (please forgive missing understanding of your general communication rules).

Today I bought the WebODM Standard package incl. MAC installation functionalities.
After unzip the package I tried to install the app on my iMac Pro (Ventura 13.0.1.) using the InstallManual.pdf.

Message (translated from GERMAN): Not able to open application “WebODM Manager”

Due to the fact that in MacOS Ventura the Security preference have changed compared with former MacOS releases I activated the hidden “Anywhere” button by terminal command".

Unfortunately even this work around is not working - still same message as above:
Not able to open application “WebODM Manager”

Anybody out there who can help?

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