WebODM hung, or still processing?

Is there any way to tell if the software is hung, or still processing? I am processing 878 photos shot from a DJI Mavic pro. I have sucessfully generated an ortho photi with the same dataset, after several attempts, and am now trying to generate a DSM/DTM. Docker continues to be active with new meassages occassionally, but the WebODM (V1.8.6) page has not changed for several hours, and has been running for approximately 16 hours. I have allocated 6 CPUs, 28Gb of Memory and 4Tb of storage in Docker. The sofware is being run on a 64bit PC with an Intel Core i7-7700 CPU @ 3.6Ghz and 32Gb of RAM
The question is how long should I wait before resetting everything and starting again from scratch.

If CPU usage is up, it’s probably still working. If it fails you will typically get an error message (most of the times).