WebODM hangs during indexing

ODM seems to hang on indexing. Sometimes stuck at 1,000,000 points, this time stuck at 3,000,000 points. 17 hours later, still hanging.

Any help appreciated!


The only reason that comes to mind is that you possibly ran out of memory. How much RAM has your computer allocated for processing WebODM tasks?

Was there ever a resolution for this one?
My current job is sitting at precisely the same point right now (3M points processed).
System monitor (and the fan noise) show there is plenty of processing going on in the background so it isn’t ‘hanging’ per se - so i have a suspicion it is still working, but i may be mistaken.

Ubuntu native install (8gig ram 60g swap)

Try updating, we’ve made some changes to both the indexing code and the task processing. If you run out of memory you should at least get an error message now!