WEBODM functional flow diagram

This is not a bug or an issue, just wanting education.

Is there a functional flow diagram for webodm somewhere? Alternatively,
A software design artifact which steps through the data transformation from ingesting the JPEGS through final zip

Thanks in advance


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Definitely something I’m working on for the docs, so people get a better understanding of the pipeline (myself included!).

Definitely see the need for a graphical representation, as well. Thanks for the confirmation!


Thank you so much.

OBTW, how do you make any money doing this? You’re too old to be sixty’s hippies who lived on love. Is the work sponsored by a consortium?

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Haha, that is probably a question best answered by Piero :slight_smile:

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The project is supported (sometimes financially) by a variety of organizations, as well as directly from our fantastic community of users who have the option to purchase things like installers or books that benefit the project directly (See https://opendronemap.org/webodm/download/ )


I’ve enjoyed dealing with you (all of the WebODM staff) very much. Knowing the product is like public radio, listener supported, I’m disposed to be more generous.



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