WebODM from USB storage space limitation

New to ODM. I have the UPS dongle version of WebODM so I can use different computers for processing between work and home.

I have an issue with running out of storage space for projects when I load WebODM from the dongle. Typically it is only 8 gbs of storage for WebODM on my personal desktop with 16gb RAM and 1tb storage. My work allows 16gb storage for WebODM desktop with 32gb RAM and 1tb of storage…

Do I have to install docker on the computer in order to dedicate more virtual storage of ODM?

**I have installed WebODM onto my home windows desktop and have sufficient storage space, 256gb, but id like to be able to know if I am missing something.


If you’re using LiveODM (you boot via USB), the storage is limited to the size of the USB drive (roughly).

You might need to flash the ISO to a larger USB drive? (If I understood the question correctly).


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