[WebODM Feature Request] Search for project by name

I have pages and pages of Projects in WebODM. I often find myself wishing I could quickly locate a Project by name without having to page through the list to find it. Any chance of adding a search or filter capability to the dashboard project list?


oooh, so good.

What else might you want to filter/search on other than Project Name and Task name?

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Date range?


Date range of Task or images?

How would you want to search that? Text input? Calendar Picker? Drop-downs?


Good question, tasks are arranged in date order now, but if you have many pages of them, task data could be useful.
Re images, I don’t know about anyone else, but I have to delete mine from my dedicated 1TB WebODM SSD quite often (but still keep them on the much larger HDD storage), as I run out of space when working with large image sets. Is the image date data kept somewhere after the images are removed? I know it is in the report (even though the time range is incorrect as I’ve mentioned in another thread), but is it anywhere else?

Calendar picker would be my choice.


Hmm, good questions here. Project name is my big wish, but I think date range would be useful in some cases, especially for finding and removing old tasks. I would personally care about date of tasks more than date of photos. Calendar dropdown.

I’ll add that I would prefer a quick search that is right there on the dashboard and only takes a couple of clicks (vs advanced search with complex capabilities and query builder interface).


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